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Gender Pix

Gender Pix 15+ Weeks

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The Gender Pix Package is perfect for a couple looking to validate the gender of their baby. This is the most exciting part of going to the doctor. All About Baby understands that you want to discover the gender of your child, and we are ready to help you at about 14 weeks into your pregnancy. All About Baby specializes in offering you a high quality gender determination ultrasound from one of our friendly and experienced technicians and will try our best to take a picture to efficiently determine the gender. All About Baby can guide anxious parents through the process of the gender determination ultrasound service.

Gender Pix Package includes:

  • 15-20 minute 2D Ultrasound Session
  • Gender Determination
  • Printed Black & White Images
  • Listen to Baby’s Heartbeat
  • CD/DVD of 2D Session